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About Us

English Coaching Academy for entrepreneurs and professionals, was established in Tokyo in 2016. A young CEO friend of mine, asked if I could start a class for many of his entrepreneural friends. All were professionals in different fields. There were entrepreneurs, CEOs, actors, professional athletes, singers, fitness trainers, etc. They had all studied English previously at traditional English schools but were not satisfied with their improvement and confidence in speaking English. They no longer wanted to follow standard teaching methods and English textbooks. They wanted more opportunities to practice speaking English, not just study more grammar or vocabulary.

The philosophy of English Coaching Academy is the same as learning how to play the piano or how to play any sport. Practice, practice, practice. The majority of the time should be spent practicing by the student, not the teacher lecturing about how to play. The coach watches and studies the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. Then, he gives his advice on how to correct and improve the weak points.

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